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Metro Ag Energy is a company working with farmers to produce affordable, superior biodiesel from Pennycress. Metro Ag is based in Michigan, working closely with Michigan farmers to grow Field Pennycress as an overwinter crop. Profits are increased for farmers, and a clean biodiesel is created in an economy looking for green fuel alternatives. The company has its roots in Michigan, and was started to produce a viable biodiesel feedstock crushing operation.

As a Michigan-based company, Metro Ag is situated in a state with a strong agricultural backbone with numerous transportation channels. Metro Ag is dedicated to helping farmers grow Pennycress for fuel production, offering to buy any and all Pennycress farmers are willing to produce. Through its specialized crushing process, Metro Ag is able to efficiently produce feedstock oil for biodiesel and use the byproducts of the process as biomass for other sources of renewable energy.

Using Pennycress as a feedstock will allow Metro Ag to help small and mid-sized Michigan farmers bring hundreds of jobs to Michigan and its residents, and elevate the Michigan economy to a new level. With no non-food crop crushing businesses in Michigan, Metro Ag Energy is poised to dominate the crushing industry for biodiesel feedstock in the state, and with the US mandated to produce additional biodiesel in coming years, Metro Ag is set to grow its operations significantly.

Through its years of operation, Metro Ag has developed a partner network of Field-to-Pump minded companies, including ECI Environmental, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University, University of Detroit - Mercy, Western Illinois University, Focus: HOPE, and Green Door Initiatives. These partners and many others are working alongside Metro Ag Energy to produce viable, cost-effective feedstock oil for biodiesel.

Helping Farmers Increase Profits

Up To 50% With A Pennycress Winter Cover Crop

Over a decade of Field Pennycress farming and university research has lead to the very first Pennycress seed crushing plant in the U.S.
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